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If you’ve always wanted to be squishy, or just fancy giving a new race a go then you’ll need this how to unlock the Arcane Lineage Slime Race guide!

Arcane Lineage is a Roblox game that drops you into a fantasy world. You set out into it with a name, a race, some basic stats, and a dream. There are tons of different classes, heaps of skills, and hordes of enemies to deal with on your way!

You can try out Arcane Lineage on Roblox. We also have a How To Level Up In Arcane Lineage and How To Get A Lineage Shard In Arcane Lineage guide.

Arcane Lineage Slime Race

Officially called Lentun, this race prides itself on being squishy slimes! Typically races can be rolled for, but this new entry into the game is obtained during a quest. Alongside some active and passive abilities, players who are Lentums get a blue skin cosmetic.

Beginning Stats:

  • Arcane: 1
  • Luck: 1
  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Endurance: 3

Lentum Active Skills

Bane (Level 20) – Unleash a radius explosion of poison after snapping your fingers which can leave enemies with a lingering poison effect

Mucilage (Level 40) – sludge yourself and an ally in goopy slime to protect from incoming attacks which lasts 3 turns

Lentum Passive Skills

Slimy Shield (Level 30) – Weaken and blind enemies when an incoming attack is dodged successfully

How To Become A Lentum

  • Head to the Base Spear Trainer NPC where behind him is the King Slime statue within a cave
  • Bow to the statue and then interact with the statue to ask about tasks
  • You’ll be tasked to locate 4 Slime Statues which can be found in the following locations:
  • Slime Statue 1: Beside the Hexer Trainer NPC
  • Slime Statue 2: Next to the Tundra entrance
  • Slime Statue 3: Facing the forest on the castle walls
  • Slime Statue 4: Within the abandoned house between Caldera and the Desert
  • Return to the King Slime who then asks for you to collect Slime Chunks (Gather plenty since the amount he asks for can change!)
  • The King Slime Boss will then spawn within the area leading towards the Tavern. Defeat him enough times to get the Slime Chunks needed
  • Once you have enough return to the King Slime Statue and select the ‘Will wipe you‘ dialogue to become a Lentum

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