Adding a bezel to a screenshot may be a cumbersome task.

Wouldn’t it be better to just take a screenshot of your app embedded in a bezel?

This is possible and really easy.

Let’s see how.

Take the screenshot

The problem with taking a screenshot at the Xcode simulator is that it has shadows and a toolbar, those shadows that won’t allow you to cut away the toolbar because otherwise you will crop the shadows as well. Arg!

Wouldn’t it be better to remove the shadows all together?

This is possible! Here’s how.

  1. Hold cmd + shift + 5
  2. Select the second option Capture Selected Window
  3. Now, hold the option key and take the screenshot of your simulator
  4. Open the screenshot with the Preview app
  5. Select the portion of screenshot you need
  6. Select the Markup Toolbar and choose the crop tool, the last one
  7. Save and enjoy your perfectly cropped screenshot!

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