Feature image for our How To Beat The Night Shift guide. It shows the dining area of Sad Burger, with a dark figure stood in the doorway, grinning.

Looking to get the good ending on your worst-ever night shift but keep falling foul of the creepy figure? Well, we’re here to help. Our guide on How To Beat The Night Shift Experience covers the basics of what you need to know to beat the game.

The Night Shift Experience is a Roblox horror game where it’s your job to work at a fast food place in the dead of night. Unfortunately, there’s also a killer on the loose, and you’ll need to fulfil orders whilst avoiding death.

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How To Beat The Night Shift Experience Guide

We’ll try and cover what you need to know night by night, so you can figure out what to do.

First Night

Night One is pretty straightforward, and not too dangerous, even if you might get a bit spooked.

  • When instructions say to take orders, interact with the intercom. The customer will tell you what they want, pick the food up from the worktop and bring it over to the window.
  • You’ll be asked to kill a rat in the bathroom, find the rat and tap it, you’ll get the ‘Dead Rat’ item.
  • A customer will ask for the Food #4, there is no Food #4. Give them any food and they’ll leave.
  • After this, a customer will pull up in a white pickup and ask for a dead rat. Fortunately, you should have one to give them.
  • When told to empty the trash, pick up the bags in the corner and take them outside to the dumpster. Be ready for a jumpscare.

Second Night

The stakes get higher on Night Two.

  • Fulfill your orders as usual.
  • Instructions will come in to mop up the bathroom. Pick up the mop from the bucket and head to the bathroom. Tap each puddle in the bathroom a few times to make them disappear.
  • Eventually, you get the order to help someone with their car. If you go outside, the killer will charge you. You can outrun him and go inside, or you can not go outside at all.

Third Night

Here’s the crucial night.

  • Fulfill orders as usual.
  • You’ll get an order to kill the spiders in the freezer. Tap on each to kill them.
  • Once you hear a window shatter, answer the phone.
  • After the phone call, go to the Employee Of The Month picture near the registers.
  • Interact with the picture to reveal the safe and enter code 1234 to open it, and grab the gun.
  • Return to the work area. In spite of the instruction no not hide in the freezer.
  • Equip the gun and wait until you see the killer charge you, then shoot him. You don’t have long to react.

About The Night Shift Experience

The Night Shift Experience is a game on the popular Roblox platform. It follows your few days of shifts at Sad Burger as you and your colleagues try to handle customer orders as well as a homicidal maniac who wants to make the shift your last.

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