Feature image for our guide on how to awaken Magma in Blox Fuits. It shows the selling window of a Fruit Dealer, with the Magma Icon.

Want to know how to unlock the Magma Fruit’s true potential? Well you’re in the right place. Our guide on how to awaken Magma in Blox fruits tells you all you need to know to get the most of your fruit’s powers.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a world much like that of the hit anime One Piece. You can become a pirate or a marine, and set out into the world with your own ship and crew. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats, you’re definitely going to need them with all of the enemies and monsters out there.

You can check out Blox Fruits now on Roblox.

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How To Awaken Magma In Blox Fruits

The first thing you’ll need is, unsurprisingly, the Magma Fruit. If you haven’t got it well be prepared to reach into your pockets. It’s 960,000 Beli, or 1,300 Robux. Yikes.

How To Awaken Fruit

To awaken Fruits you need one thing, Fragments. You earn Fragments by participating in Raids. To unlock raids you must be at least Level 1100 and her to the Laboratory on the Cold end of Hot and Cold Island. Down they you’ll need to descend into the lower areas of the lab and speak to the Mysterious Scientist. From here you will be able to purchase a Microchip.

The Microchip will let you host a Raid. Through the Raids you can earn Fragments. At the end of the Magma Raid you should meet the Mysterious Entity, whom you can trade Fragments with for upgrades to your moves. Below is a list of each.

Awakened Moveset

Here are the moves you can look forward to.

  • Magma Shower
    • 500 Fragments
    • Replaces Magms Clap
  • Beast Ride
    • 2000 Fragments
    • Replaces Magma Floor
  • Volcanic Assault
    • 3000 Fragments
    • Replaces Magma Eruption
  • Great Magma Hound
    • 4000 Fragments
    • Replaces Magma Fist
  • Volcanic Storm
    • 5000 Fragments
    • Replaces Magma Meteors

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