The anticipated new Cookie Run game has finally finished baking! Well, the name has at least. Devsisters has pulled Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures out of the oven and it looks delicious! We get a taster… I mean, a teaser video showcasing some of the goodies this game has to feature!

Join your friends, and some delicious familiar faces such as the iconic Gingerbrave, and brace for adventure in this first-ever 3D platform within the Cookie Run IP. This immersive world is packed with flavour! With a tasty storyline and flavourful graphics, we just know this game is going to be sweet!

This Game Ate And Left No Cookie Crumbs!

OK, I’ll give the food puns a rest. Let’s chat about what we know so far. This crispy (last one I promise…) adventure takes you and your friends up the once-peaceful, Pancake Tower! Here you will run into all kinds of monsters that you will defeat in fun battles to unlock secrets and watch as the story unfolds.

Whilst the highlight of Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures is the ability to play multiplayer with friends in a 3D world, you can still enjoy this story at your own pace if you much prefer tackling missions and story solo.

When Will The Game Be Done Baking?

So, when is this new Cookie Run adventure making its debut? Truth is, we aren’t sure! No release date has been confirmed by Devsisters as of right now. Of course, there is still the original Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, or the Cookie Run: Kingdom games to enjoy in the meantime whilst we wait for Cookie Run: ToA to finish baking. 

If you want to know more or keep up to date with any information about the release, check out the Official Website for Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures, and the Twitter page!

Ooh, now I’m hungry! Whilst you wait, how about you play something currently out and celebrating their 9th birthday!  The Battle Cats has plenty of tasty rewards for you to claim right away.

Let us know below what cookies you hope make it into the game!

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