It’s usually the Board administrator or secretary of the business who promotes the idea of creating a portal for their business. It’s because they recognise the potential to dig this cloud data storage costs will dramatically increase after third covid 19 wave increase efficiency and improved governance practices. They also realize the time savings associated with reducing administrative tasks, especially ones related to the preparation of documents. It is important to know that research indicates that issues with documents are responsible for 21,3% of the productivity loss during meetings.

It is essential that the portal platform you choose provides an adequate level of security. This includes data encryption as well as appropriate security authorizations that meet international privacy and security standards. Additionally, a solid audit trail is crucial for meeting the needs of businesses operating in regulated environments.

In addition to this, your chosen portal provider should offer a 24/7/365 support service. This is particularly important for those who are new to board portals and require assistance in navigating unfamiliar processes. Look for portals that have a proven track record in customer support and have been recognized by the industry.

A well-designed portal for the board can provide numerous benefits. They can help you cut down on administration, encourage better collaboration, and ensure you’re in compliance with the regulatory requirements. In a world where every dollar is important, it is essential that your organisation saves as much as you can. You can use our online calculator to figure out the amount of savings you could make by switching to board portal.