The time has arrived… again! The Honkai Star Rail 1.4 live stream is due to start soon, but what can we expect to see in terms of upcoming announcements? Let’s speculate.

If you’d like to watch the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 live stream while it’s airing, you can do so over on the game’s official YouTube channel. Don’t fret if you can’t watch it live, as I’ll be covering every announcement as it happens on this page – make sure to bookmark it!

For more information about Honkai Star Rail, visit the game’s official website or download the game on Google Play now!

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 Live Stream Announcements

  • Preview of Jingliu and Topaz
  • Jingliu – 5-star who utilises the Ice element (Path of Destruction)
  • New story quests focusing on the story of Jingliu
  • Guinaifen – 4-star who utilises the Fire element (Path of Nihility)
  • Guinaifen is a popular online streamer
  • Topaz – 5-star who utilises the Fire element (Path of The Hunt)
  • Topaz and Numby are a double act! You can use both of them in battle
  • Numby helps you to find chests within a certain range while exploring
  • Qingque, Sampo, and Tingyun will be the 4-star characters with Jingliu
  • Luka, Sushang, and Guinaifen will be the 4-star characters with Topaz (with a Seele rerun banner too!)
  • Trailblaze Continuance “Future Market” – new event!
  • Aetherium Wars – new event! (Based on an in-game gaming brand that is holding a tournament)
  • Aetherium Wars rewards you with a 4-star character of your choice between Pela, Luka, Serval, and Hook
  • Planar Infinity event in the Simulated Universe
  • New Gift of Odyssey event that rewards you with Star Rail Special Passes
  • Story Replay feature to reread lore while you’re in a cutscene
  • Planar Fissure event returns!

New 1.4 Characters!

As with every new version of a HoYoverse game, we can expect to see brand-new characters debuting on our screens. In 1.4, we’ll meet the mysterious Jingliu, first shown during Jing Yuan’s beautiful promo animation. A 5-star character who wields the element of ice, and will undoubtedly catch the eyes of fans of 2B from Nier Automata (thanks to her blindfold). 

Furthermore, there’s another 5-star character being added to the roster – Topaz! Actually, it’s Topaz and Numby, her Warp Trotter companion – yes, those things you kill for extra rewards when exploring. Anyway, Topaz utilises the element of fire in combat and was first seen on the cover of the 4-star “Trend of the Universal Market” Light Cone. 

There’s only one new 4-star character in Honkai Star Rail 1.4 – Guinaifen! Similarly to Topaz, Guinaifen was simply a piece of art on the 4-star Light Cone, “Subscribe for More!”. Fans will finally get to obtain her and test out her abilities.

New Story Quests

Lastly, will there be brand-new story quests? Possibly! In fact, there’s a high probability that we’ll get a few extra missions to continue the main story. Plus, there will be 3 new Companion Quests for Topaz, Guinaifen, and Jingliu.

The live stream is due to start at 12:30 pm BST / 19:30 pm (UTC+8)! We’ve also got a Honkai Star Rail Light Cone tier list that you can have a read of while you wait for the stream to start. Plus, there are always new codes dropping during a live stream, so make sure to check our Honkai Star Rail codes!

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