Fancy tackling the Haze Piece bosses and want to know more about the potential loot? This Haze Piece drops guide is here to help you. Here, I’m going to round up all of the bosses you can battle in the Roblox RPG, plus the loot you gather for doing so. I’ll update this guide whenever a new boss arrives, or if anything changes, so please do check back often to learn more.

Haze Piece is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, One Piece. You create a character, grab yourself a sword, then venture out to battle enemies. You strive to grab fruit, which provides you with unique abilities. Level up, increase your power, and take on the more challenging content.

You can check out Haze Piece on Roblox via Google Play. We’ve also got Haze Piece races, Haze Piece lava key, and Haze Piece swords guides.

Haze Piece Drops

Now, let’s take a look a complete list of Haze Piece bosses and their drops.

Dual Swordsman

Dual Swordsman is one of the first bosses you will face in Haze Piece, and you can find him in Logue City. He spawns every 60 minutes. This is the boss you want to face to upgrade your 2 Sword Style.

  • Location: Logue City
  • Spawn Time: Every 60 Minutes
  • Rewards:
    • $5,000
    • 10 Gems
    • Book
    • Green Bandana

Mace Boss

The second boss you face gifts you the Mace V1, which is a decent weapon. You will find this scary reptilian in a cave behind the Marine Base, though you need the lava key and lava ore to access it.

  • Location: Cave Behind Marine Base
  • Spawn Time: Whenever Summoned
  • Rewards:
    • $5,000
    • 15 Gems
    • Mace V1
    • Coded Mask

Temor Girl

The third boss also requires you to summon them, and provides you with Bisneto V2. You have to get the TremorBeard Key from the Ice Admiral at Marine HQ to summon this boss.

  • Location: Summoned
  • Spawn Time: Whenever Summoned
  • Rewards:
    • Bisento V2
    • White Orb
    • 20 Gems
    • $15,000

Fire Fist

The fourth boss requires a super rare drop to summon, as well as a bunch of time-consuming steps. However, you can get the decent Flame Fruit if you defeat it, as well as a decent Pearl Necklace.

  • How to Summon:
    • Defeat the Warden in Impel Jail until you collect a Match
    • Visit Tall Woods and light the campfire
    • Collect four pearls in Tall Woods
    • Go back to the campfire and place the pearls in the nearby totems
  • Spawn Time: Whenever Summoned
  • Rewards:
    • Flame Fruit
    • Pearl Necklace
    • 25 Gems
    • $20,000


The current most powerful boss is the Seabeast, which the Wizard at the Pillars will spawn for you if you’re nice.

  • Location: Pillars
  • Rewards:

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