How time flies. Guardian Tales will soon celebrate its third anniversary with a bunch of exciting rewards up for grabs. The rewards include a ton of in-game resources, units, and EX weapons.

The anniversary kicks off on July 25, and rewards you with a new item every day for 28 days. The best rewards, naturally, fall towards the end of this period, so you want to stick around.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to login every single day while the event lasts. It actually runs for 58 days, so as long as you login for 28 days over that period you get all of the rewards.

What’s Guardian Tales?

In case you’ve never heard of it, Guardian Tales is a gacha RPG that draws inspiration from classic The Legend of Zelda and Earthbound games.

You battle through a variety of dungeons from an isometric perspective, solving puzzles, looting treasure, and tackling bosses at the end.

There are a ton of different characters to unlock, and each of them plays differently. You can also bring up to three heroes with you into battle, so pick the best.

When Does the Guardian Tales Third Anniversary Kick Off?

The event kicks off on July 25 on the global server or July 15 for the global server. Log in for 28 days to get access to all of the rewards, including 130 free pulls.

You can grab Guardian Tales right now from Google Play, though you may want to hold off for the full event and use those free summons for some sweet, sweet rerolling.

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