Want to know whether to keep your race or reroll without delay? Well, information is key. Each of the GPO peoples have different attributes, and what you get will have a major impact on how you play. Our GPO Races guide goes over each of the playable races, and what they can offer.

Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game that’s a love letter to the world of One Piece. Head out on a boat to sail the wide oceans and discover all kinds of different islands. There are quests to complete, a huge number of places to explore, and of course magical devil fruit to consume for supernatural powers.

You can grab Grand Piece Online on Roblox.

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GPO Races Guide

Here we’ll go over each of the races and what they offer.


The most common race around. There’s a 68% chance any roll will be a human.

  • No special abilities at all. Boring!


Resembles a human with feathery wings on their back. There’s a 15% chance of rolling a Skypian.

  • Skypians take 50% less fall damage than other races.
  • Skypians can learn the Glide ability by trading 10,000 Peli to the NPC Teza in Skypiea.


These wild individuals resemble humans with animal ears, horns, and sometimes tails. You have a 5% chance of rolling a Mink.

  • Extra Stamina
  • Minks learn the Electro style by trading 15,000 Peli and 25 Carrots to the NPC Sharon on Zou.


Fishmen are people with aquatic features like fins and gills. There’s a 5% chance of rolling a Fishman.

  • Faster Swimming
  • Takes considerably longer to drown
  • Fishmen can learn the Fishman Karate style by trading 30,000 Peli and 75 Shark Teeth to the NPC Jin on Fishman Island.


Children of the night with leathery, bat-like wings on their back or head. You have a 5% chance of rolling a Vampire with a race reroll.

  • Can learn the Vampire style by trading 150,000 Peli to the NPC Blood Queen in Transylvania.


Humanoids with robotic parts. You have a teen 1% chance of rolling a Cyborg.

  • A choice of buffs.
  • Can learn the Cyborg style by trading 6 Cyborg Gears to AE10 in Rose Kingdom.


Spooky humanoids with a glowing pumpkin for a head. You have a 1% chance of getting a Dullahan with a reroll, though these may only be around for a limited time!

  • Extra Stamina.
  • Can learn the Dullahan style by trading Wandering Souls with V Kirishima, The Shadow Of Halloween, in Transylvania.

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