Feature image for our GPO Fishman Karate guide. It shows a shadow dock and water in game.

Want a particularly fishy style of fighting? No, we don’t mean suspicious. We mean the secrets of Fishman Karate, the water-wielding fighting style taught by the finned brawling masters. Our GPO Fishman karate guide tells you all you need to know.

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GPO Fishman Karate Guide

We’ve split this up into sections to make it easier.

About Fishman Karate

Fishman Karate is, as you might have guessed, a fighting style intended for Fishmen. It grants you the following moves. You will gain more moves as you increase your mastery level.

  • Five-Thousand Brick Fist – No minimum mastery – A guard-breaking knockback strike.
  • Water Prison – 25 Mastery – Small water AOE with continual damage while it’s active.
  • Shark Barrage – 50 Mastery – Quick, high-damage projectiles fired in sequence.
  • Water Serpent – 75 Mastery – Large, guard-breaking water projectile.
  • Water Bomb – 125 Mastery – Large AOE attack that expands from the user.

Learning Fishman Karate

First thing you need to know about Fishman Karate. As the name suggests, you need to be of the Fishman race to learn it. If you try as any other race, the trainer will have no interest in teaching you. Sorry everyone else!

If you are a Fishman, you need to follow these steps to learn the secrets of how to fight like a fish.

  • First you need to reach Fishman Island. This is done through navigating the maze inside Fishman’s Cave, which is located East-North-East of Gravito’s Fort.
  • Once you reach Fishman Island, you need to speak to an NPC named Jin. You can find him on a roof near the castle.
  • Jin will teach you the fighting style in exchange for 30,000 Peli and 75 Shark Teeth. Shark Teeth are, unsurprisingly, dropped by sharks.

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