Let’s get Started

All you need to do is to create a custom brush, and then you can apply the shimmer effect to any Compose UI element.

Here is what you should do:

  • Prepare the Animation stage: Set the stage for your shimmer effect by creating a rememberInfiniteTransition.
  • Animate a Float Value: To smoothly change the offset of your LinearGradientShader animate a float value.
  • Allow recompositions: To allow recomposition when the offset changes, use the remember function.
  • Create custom ShaderBrush: create a LinearGradientShader. The movement of the brush is defined by the offset. As the offset progresses , it generates the shimmer effect. To achieve a beautiful shimmer effect, use TileMode.Mirror. It’s important for the effect to be continuous and captivating. This tile mode makes the pattern blend perfectly, creating a smooth animation.

Now, you can use Modifier.background(brush = ShimmerEffectBrush()) to add a shimmer effect to any Compose UI element.

Here’s an example of how to display a shimmer effect while loading an image:

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