We don’t have long to wait until the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release date on September 7th, and Square Enix seems keen to keep the hype train running.

Recent posts on the official Twitter have given us a look into the different aspects of the upcoming game, and it’s a treat for anyone’s Final Fantasy VII nostalgia.

Original Soundtrack Is Back In A New Form

The Twitter posted several songs from the upcoming soundtrack and re-made versions of some classic titles from the OST. Bombing Mission, Prelude, the FFVII Main Theme, and Fight On are available to listen to so far.

Next came a short trailer on the story. This teased an image of a younger and shorter-haired Sephiroth.

The game promises to delve into more of the villain’s past, and possibly shed some more light on his path to becoming the apocalypse-bringing maniac you destroy at the end of Final Fantasy VII. Hope you weren’t worried about spoilers, the game came out in 1997.

The latest video from Twitter touches on the battle system we can expect in Ever Crisis, promising a revamped version of the original Final Fantasy VII’s Active Time Battle system, with some modifications for mobile platforms.

ATB Returns

The Active Time Battle system, where acting quickly works in your favor, signaled the Final Fantasy series’ first step away from the traditional turn-based battles of JRPGs. It was first developed for Final Fantasy IV, and in turn, eventually fell out of favor in the mainline games.

Ever Crisis’ battle system keeps a lot of what you might expect from a Final Fantasy of the 90s. Magic, limit breaks, summons, all that good stuff. It also adds some more mobile game options. There’s an auto-battle option, for instance. Fortunately for purists, there’s no need to engage with such a thing.

The system also adds a few new features to elaborate on the system, so was can’t wait to see how it plays.

If you’re keen to get your hands on Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis at launch, you can pre-register via Google Play.

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