The mobile port of Little Nightmares now has an official release date! On December 12, Little Nightmares will be available to play on your Android device, just in time for Christmas. 

You can preorder it now via the game’s official Google Play page – as well as pre-register for it!

For more information about Little Nightmares, and to keep up with the franchise, visit the game’s official website.

How Much Does The Mobile Version of Little Nightmares Cost?

Preordering Little Nightmares on the Google Play store ahead of the winter launch will grant you access to a 30% discount – making the total price $6.99 instead of the full price of $8.99. It’s a little cheaper than the Nintendo Switch and PC versions, so it’s certainly a bargain for returning players and new ones!

A Lovely Little Nightmare

Released in 2017, Little Nightmares quickly became a fan-favourite with its creepy quirky antagonists that are sure to fright. Just in case you haven’t played the game, or watched any videos of it, I’ll avoid adding spoilers in this news piece. 

What I will say though, is that Little Nightmares is an atmospheric horror adventure game that hooks you in within the first few minutes. As you start the game, you wonder who exactly Six is. Why is she wearing a yellow raincoat? Where is she? Why is everything huge compared to her? 

With the unsettling game mainly focusing on side-scrolling action, it’s perfect for smaller devices and touch-screen play. The interface has been adjusted to match your devices, and we’re happy to announce that Little Nightmares is compatible with MFicontrollers.

The Original Delay

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Little Nightmares announcements, you’ll know that the mobile version was delayed back in March this year. Before the delay, the game was due to be released in Winter – and it’s still going to be a Winter release despite the delay!

Patiently waiting for the Little Nightmares mobile port? Have a read of our Best Android Adventure Games guide. Or you can check out the prequel title, Very Little Nightmares on Google Play too!

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