Stardew Valley will get a live concert in 2024! Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons is an intimate and immersive live concert which will play the best songs from Stardew Valleys beautiful and mesmerising soundtrack! (Please… Play In The Deep Woods)

If you haven’t heard of Stardew Valley, it is a super cozy farming game. You can build up your farm and raise animals, grow crops, go fishing, explore the mines, and befriend (and marry) the NPCs! There is also a fantasy element to it – with Dwarves, Shadow People, and Junimo creatures who help you build the town back up!

Complete Your Bundle And Go To The Concert

The soundtrack to Stardew Valley is truly amazing, and there are so many tracks in the game too. Each season has four tracks to correspond with it. Some NPCs have their own tracks (Frozen Pizza And Eggs… anyone?) The mines also have different tracks depending on what floor you’re on, and different tracks for the different festivals!

If you go to watch this live, you will definitely be taken on a magical journey. The show will run for one hour and 50 minutes and will play some of the best songs in the game.

Tickets for US, Canada, and the UK will go on sale Friday 13th October at 10am (local time for each city) Melbourne tickets will come out the same day, but at 11am local time. Sydney goes on sale at 11am local time on Friday 20th October. Seoul and Bangkok dates are to be announced soon!

Just A Theory…

If you don’t know, Stardew Valley is getting a major update. ConcernedApe (the creator) has released a few teasers on what we can expect in the upcoming 1.6 update. We already know that there will be new festivals as well as a bunch of new secrets, so surely that will include some new music? I’m no mathematician, but each festival in the game has it’s own track so…

New festivals = new tracks?

There is no release date on the update yet, but what better way to showcase new music then at a live concert? Bands usually perform new songs they haven’t released yet, so Festival Of Seasons might do the same thing.

Either way, I’ll definitely be there! I just hope Elliot or Harvey will be there too….

If you’re interested in seeing the performance live, you can buy tickets here on Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons. If you’re a Stardew Valley fan, you can download Stardew Valley on Google Play. You can also check out our When Is The Stardew Valley 1.6 Update Launching For The Mobile Release? guide.

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