Trying to save up for that sweet dash but not sure how to get the materials you need? We’re here to help! Our Elemental Dungeons evil amulet guide goes over everything you need to know about the item and how to get hold of it. There’s a bad moon rising, but that might be exactly what you need!

Elemental Dungeons does what it says on the tin. You battle your way through a variety of challenging dungeons, utilizing the power of the elements to vanquish your foes. If you like playing with your friends, you can recruit them to join you.

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Elemental Dungeons Evil Amulet Guide

Here we’ll try and cover anything we think you might need to know about the item and acquiring it.

About The Evil Amulet

The Evil Amulet is an item that’s used in crafting in Elemental Dungeons. Most specifically, it’s used to buy the rather desirable Dash V2. You’ll need two Evil Amulets for this purpose, so naturally you want to know a predictable way of getting them.

Well, that brings us onto Blood Moons.

About Blood Moons

The most predictable way to acquire Evil Amulets is through Blood Moons. What is a Blood Moon you ask? A Blood Moon is a special event with around a 5.3% chance of spawning when you load into a dungeon. A Blood Moon will bathe everything in the area in an eerie red light and make it harder to see, though that might be the least of your problems.

The enemies will be much stronger too.

Acquiring Evil Amulets

To get the item you want, look out for special enemies. You can tell them apart by a red aura around them. Target these guys and take them out. Once they’ve gone down, you should get a notification that you’ve received an Evil Amulet if they’ve dropped one.

Simple, if perhaps not easy.

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