Dusk of Dragons: Survivors has had an absolutely barnstorming couple of months.

Released on September 1st 2023, Core Games’s sprawling survival sandbox game has amassed well over 100,000 organic downloads on the Google Play Store alone, where its average user rating is an impressive 4.7/5. Also highly acclaimed on the Apple Store.

Based on player input, the patch is shaping up to be absolutely huge, adding new content, features, and events while tweaking and refining the substantial amount of content that’s already there.

Discover more about the gameplay by watching this trailer:

Before we get into the update, here’s the lowdown on Dusk of Dragons: Survivors for the uninitiated. 

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is set in a magic-infused medieval kingdom, but it’s not like most mobile games set in magic-infused medieval kingdoms. 

In between training dragons, constructing a base camp, killing zombies, dodging traps, and forging alliances with other players you’ll need to combat extreme weather and stave off hunger by ensuring you have a steady food supply. 

Each dragon in Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is unique, with its own particular strengths and abilities, meaning they’re not just pets: they’re also weapons. 

And you’ll need them. 

Away from the battlefield you’ll get to indulge in a spot of camp-building, using squires and butlers to help you manage your resources and fortify your home against the unforgiving elements, and the even less forgiving zombies. 

So what’s in the patch?

The new features coming later this month include, in no particular order, combat squires, growth funds, a Stronghold mode, a log of all the attacks directed at your Stronghold, treasure hunting maps, a title development system, and quick construction.

Think that’s it? Not even close. 

Core Games has also added a Level 65 demon-hunting castle, a special compass for finding dragons, a stump map, traveling merchants, bulk upgrades for floors and walls, a base building upgrade deduction, bulk recycling and purchasing, a power boost fund, and a camp prosperity fund. 

You’ll also find Dragonlord, Battle Master, Limited Research Squire, Combat Squire Equipment Box, and Elemental Messenger in the Tactical Genius season, and you’ll now be able to switch dragons outside the camp—as long as you’re in a map that allows dragons. 

There’s still more. 

There are eight events to participate in, including Mystery Store, Special Pass, weekly sign-in, a sprint event at the end of the Stronghold season, and a Stronghold yield-doubling event. 

Rounding off the list are a Drift Bottle event, an Oasis Resources Collection event, and a Craftsman’s Goal event. 

In terms of improvements and adjustments to the core game, this is the longest list of all and we’re not even going to attempt to give you the whole thing.

They include added slots, decreased requirements, modified reset times, and countless other tweaks to costs, buff effects, limits, levels, and more. It appears as though Core Games has listened to every single word of player feedback and responded to it line by line. 

Head here for the full list.

To see Dusk of Dragons: Survivors in action, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download it for free right now.

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