Street Fighter Duel, the Idle RPG, is set to celebrate its first anniversary on February 28. Capcom and Crunchyroll teamed up to release this JRPG last year globally for mobile devices. Now, it’s gearing up for the celebrations and dishing out log-in rewards. Keep reading to know more about the Street Fighter: Duel 1st Anniversary!

The Countdown Begins!

It’s a 28-day countdown with daily login rewards starting today. For the first two weeks, log in and get pull tokens daily. Starting the third week, snag the Street Fighter: Duel special Divination tickets. Unlocking Divination summons lets you gain access to many impressive Master and Infernal fighters. Along with them, it also lets you snag a treasure trove of valuable goodies, like Abundant materials, Invitation cards and Rare Accessories.

Other goodies in the countdown event for Street Fighter: Duel 1st Anniversary are the Destiny Tarrot cards. They give you a chance to snag random fighter tickets and then exchange them to grab fighters like Trendy Dhalsim. There are also other limited-time experiences like The Starlight Genesis, Exchange Tent and other quests that let you unlock new fighter realms.

Ever Played Street Fighter Duel?

Street Fighter Duel is where you collect fighters, build your party and auto-battle. Developed by A Plus Japan, its gameplay centres around 3v3 team battles. The title also offers single-player modes, including Supreme Fist, Global Operation, Shadaloo City and Bounties.  If you haven’t played the game yet, grab Street Fighter Duel from the Google Play Store.

Street Fighter is a Japanese game series whose first game hit the scene back in 1987. The series offers cool gameplay mechanics, a diverse roster and great character designs. Speaking of Japanese game series, check out our latest scoop on another JRPG: Love Live! School Idol Festival 2 Unveils Global Launch And Shutdown Dates In One Go!

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