The image shows a ton of dragons battling one another. Displaying unique designs and abilities as they collide.

Dragon Village Grand Battle is out now on the Play Store. This game brings elements similar to the beloved Dragon City franchise and refreshes it with a more mature art style and new gameplay. Though, Dragon Village and Dragon City aren’t actually related past including the grand mythical reptilian beasts, DRAGONS!

Enter The Dragon Age!

Immerse yourself in the world of dragons in a game that has no upper limits. Dragon Village Grand Battle prides itself on having a unique mechanic that allows for multiple playstyle combinations. This means there’s no “most powerful” character to choose from. Much like how Pokémon games give you freedom of choice during your party building.

Once you’re done party-building you can head into fierce battles against other online players. You’ll be able to put your party to the test as you strategize a winning plan. If you can’t dominate the PvP or PvE, you can always go exploring to uncover more dragons. With over 600 dragons total within Dragon Village Grand Battle, there is no shortage of scaly friends to hatch, train, and bond with as they grow.

Tame and Treasure!

Hoard treasures just like a dragon would! There are tons of neat trinkets and rewards to collect on your adventures through the many different explorations of this vast world. From tower and guild raids to dungeons and dimensional gates! Every new corner you turn will give you something new to bear your fangs at.

Somehow saving the best til’ last. Dragon Village Grand Battle has an intricate storyline that you can find yourself fully involved in, as told through the wise Ancient God Dragon. On a personal note, I’m a sucker for story games that get you invested with the characters you meet. Considering this game comes to your Android in 2D, the world and character building in the rich plot definitely feels nothing short of three-dimensional!

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