In case you weren’t aware, you can play Disney Speedstorm local co-op, meaning you can split the screen between multiplayers players like in the good old days. It’s not immediately apparent how you do this though, so I’m going to showcase it in this guide. I’ll include steps to the entire process, including how many players you can play with.

Disney Speedstorm takes the Burnout-style racing of Asphalt and mixes it with Mario Kart. You collect Disney characters, customise their ride, and then take on your friends in multiplayer races. If you’re feeling particularly mean, you can nudge them off the track and boost Asphalt-style, and use items to help you or hinder them Mario Kart- style.

You can check out Disney Speedstorm on Google Play. We’ve also got guides on Disney Speedstorm crossplay, Disney Speedstorm aerial stunts, and Disney Speedstorm charged skills.

Disney Speedstorm Local Co-Op

Now, let’s take a look at how to play local co-op in Disney Speedstorm.

Is There Local Co-Op?

Yes, you can play with up to four friends locally via split screen. This may vary per device, of course, but if you follow our instructions below it should give you an idea of how it works.

How Many Players Can I Play With?

Split-screen supports up to four players locally, and you will each need your own controller.

How Do I Play Local Co-Op?

To play with your friends in local co-op, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Disney Speedstorm
  2. On the main menu, hit ‘Multi-player’
  3. Then ‘Local Freeplay’
  4. Select the number of players you want to play with
  5. Then the track
  6. Finally, Select CPU difficulty, number of racers, laps, and speed
  7. Connect the two controllers you want to use
  8. Proceed into split-screen!

And there we have it! You can now play local co-op with your friends in Disney Speedstorm. Have fun!

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