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What is UX Design?

What is UX Design

If UI/UX design services make the action more convenient to perform, the result is an example of a good UX design. Do you remember how difficult it was to use ketchup with the glass squirting bottles once available on the market? The unavailability of knowing how many consumers would get out of their purchase prompted some people to give up on ketchup

However, it resolved when someone developed a squeeze bottle with more accurate measurements for each serving. It made enjoying meals with ketchup easier and more efficient. If we follow the same analogy, a good UX design does the same and can make processes less chaotic for its users.

For digital products with the best UI/UX design services, focussing on user needs, understanding their pain points, and making best-fit solutions for the problem at hand needs immense attention. Thus, UX design typically involves:

  • Wireframing
  • User stories
  • Personas
  • Users’ research and,
  • Usability testing.

User Experience (UX) design can indicate whether an app is a disaster or a miracle! And the only determinant of this competition is how your end-users experience your UX design whenever they use your app or website. So you can imagine its importance in the design field and its responsibility on any UX designer’s shoulder.

A good UX design works for better engagement, communication, and seamless understanding that your end-users experience through interactive systems and prototyping tools.

If a product accomplishes effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction, consider it a product everyone loves!

Therefore, a UX Design is not only responsible for pre-planning and preparing the technology needed to build a product but also for for how users interact with the product online and offline. And UX design takes care of customer service and analytics, too.

What is UI Design?

UI Design

User interface design (or UI design) for mobile design comprises various aspects through which a person interacts with a device or a machine. It includes:

  • Digital Graphics Design
  • Typography Design
  • Design Components
  • Digital Content
  • The Outer Layer, and
  • Primary Interactions.

UI design works concerning both hardware and software, and its primary job is to design products compellingly for a person to interact with a product or the system, which means making size and colors, clickable buttons, drop-down lists, check-boxes, tags, icons, toggles, search fields, etc., attractive and easy to interact with.

Most UI design for mobile designers focuses on the visual representation and typography design of an app or web page to judge how it will function.

What Do UI & UX Designs Comprise?

UI & UX Designs

UI & UX designs undoubtedly set a perfect equilibrium between analytical and creative methods. UI & UX designs intend to use research, design, empathy, and observations that work in unison to produce the best digital products with the finest experiences for your users on a global level.

More precisely, UI & UX design closely works with developers, engineers, and programmers for the overall success of a digital product. Any mobile app development company or web application development company requires the collective efforts of professionals that deliver beyond-the-imagination experiences to their clients.

Curious to know what UI & UX design includes? Below are some points for you to

  • Analytical Skills
  • Deep UX & UI Research
  • Collaboration with other team members
  • Wireframing
  • Robust Prototyping
  • Visual Branding and Communication
  • Typography Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation Framework
  • Story Boarding
  • Input Forms
  • Information and Data Design
  • Front-end, and
  • Specifications and Guidelines.

Tools needed to create a leading and next-gen UI and UX design

  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Figma
  • Fluid UI
  • InVision

What is needed to make a UI and UX design stand out?

A good user interface/experience should please the user. It should make it easy for users to navigate, too. Thus, remember the following points while designing a class-leading online experience for users.

  • It should be free from all the fluff, i.e., use commonly used digital gestures and encourage customization.
  • Good design should give users a sense of control and freedom while leading them to their goals.
  • A good UI/UX design speaks for itself, i.e., try to make it as intuitive as possible to encourage exploration.

Because in the end, you call a design rewarding when it gives users a sense of pride and accomplishment the moment they interact with it.

How do you know you have a good UI/UX design?

Well!, in a nutshell:

  • If your UI/UX design makes it easy for users to get all the information they need without being distracted or overwhelmed by irrelevant content, that means you have a perfect design.
  • Infection will occur if users cannot accomplish their goals because of unclear instructions, unwelcome visuals, or otherwise.
  • Always strive to offer a better user experience to functionalities, no matter how difficult it is to achieve. For example, try to give a minimalistic touch to your user interface. People are crazy about them these days.

Now, take a moment and think about an app you can swing by any hour of the day without tiring of using it or looking at its visual interface! That’s the quality of accuracy that the UI and UX designers could pull off to make the product so enjoyable and lovable by the masses!

So then, which one to focus on, UX or UI?

Both depend on each other and can often work together to create great digital experiences. Both fields focus on user experience. UX design works on the digital end, while UI design focuses on the user interface. UI requires attention to detail, creating captivating and eye-catchy visuals, typography design, icons, selecting the right combo of colors, etc.

And on the other hand, UX designers should be top-notch with the familiarity of using prototyping tools, wireframing, and information architecture that stands out.

Perhaps you’ll get to work with typography, colors, design shapes, and graphics that people will see and appreciate or even app usability. Maybe you are curious about building more user-friendly apps so people can get the most out of them. Once you have the answer to this question, go for it!

Summing it all up!

To sum up, the goal of writing this article was merely to shed some light on the impacts of UI and UX design on users’ experience and how beginners can get into the UI and UX design industry. The combination of UI and UX designs holds tremendous promise for the future. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both businesses and product developers to make optimal use of them to increase products’ capabilities.

And if you are looking for ways to improve your existing products’ designs or want a trending UI for your mobile app, web app, or website, then QL is the Team.

QL’s UI/UX designers understand your needs and always strive to deliver a perfect, user engaging, and user-friendly solution each time. That’s because we believe in creating quality products. What we produce exceeds clients’ expectations in every way. As always, contact us to give wings to your ideas and get your free quote today!


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