A big Brotato update just hit the Android Premium version, and there are a host of crazy carbohydrate-laden new characters up for grabs.

Cyborg, Glutton, Jack, and Lich join the potato party, and all of them have a profound impact on gameplay.

A Rogue’s Gallery Of New Potatoes

The Cyborg is a minigun-toting tatoe with a huge ranged damage boost, as a cost.

The Glutton likes to eat. In fact, he eats so much that he explodes continually, which is a bit of a problem for anyone standing close to him at the time.

Jack is a giant killer. That is, he does extra damage against bosses in particular. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Finally, The Lich is an undead vampire spud that starts with health regen and life steal to devastating effect. Spooky.

Reverse Bullet Hell With Its Own Spin

What’s Brotato all about? Well, its a worthy addition to the reverse-bullet-hell genre popularized by the legendary Vampire Survivors. It’d do the game a disservice to call the game a Vampire Survivors clone though.

You play a potato person stranded on a hostile alien planet after your ship crashes and turned the rest of your crew into fries. You need to fend off waves of hostile alien monsters while you await rescue. Fortunately, you’re a potato with some special talents. You can wield multiple weapons at once!

You roam around the field, kiting alien monsters and taking them out. Then you upgrade your gear setup and make some tough choices about which weapons you buy between rounds, and which you leave on the shelf.

Weapons and items have different effects, and some may synergize to make you far more effective as slicing your way through the alien menace.

If you’ve not given Brotato a go, or you’re just won over by the Brotato update, you can pick it up on Google Play.

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