Simulation game Gig Life Tycoon dropped on Google Play, and is waiting for you to take the job, should you want it.

Ever wanted to work in the gig economy? Well, you can probably go and do that right now. Ever wanted a funny minigame-filled sim set in the gig economy? Well, you might be interested in playing Gig Life Tycoon.

On The Grind

In Gig Life Tycoon, you play a hapless would-be employee trying to make ends meet. To do that they might need to turn their hands to a variety of different lines of work.

Luckily, the city provides all kinds of potential jobs for your cash-strapped worker. You could be a lumberjack, or a chicken-counter. Perhaps you might take up busking to see if passing citizens will throw you a coin or two.

You have plenty of options, just not much money. Each job is its own little minigame to master.

There’s more to life than work though, and when you’re not trying out your newest gig, you get the chance to explore the city and meet some of the colorful characters that populate the place. You don’t have to do any work, though if you want to get rich you may want to get around it at some point.

Or just hang out in a noodle bar all day, we’re not going to judge.

Unique Style

This comes with a distinctive, and slightly goofy greyscale art style with pencil-neck mannequin people. It blends 2D and 3D visuals and definitely nails a unique aesthetic.

The game is free-to-play initially, though it comes with ads and in-app purchases. The top-priced item is around £4.99, so it’s not a massive money sink.

If this sounds like fun, you can pick up Gig Life Tycoon now via Google Play.

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