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Want to know what each of the traits does in Clover Retribution? You’re not the only one. Traits are qualities you can acquire for your character in Clover Retribution. They can do everything from giving an extra jump to adding stat bonuses to fundamentally changing how you play the game. So which does what? That’s where we come in. Our Clover Retribution trait guide goes over each of the traits do. We’ve also ranked them in alphabetical order so they should all be easy to find.

Clover Retribution is a Roblox RPG that takes you into the world of Black Clover, the hit manga and anime. You get your own grimoire, and a whole world to explore, with action combat, spells, and all kinds of quests. Head out there and start questing, but be careful, there are a lot of threats out in the world, and you might not be equipped to face them off the bat.

You can check it out on Roblox via Google Play.

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Clover Retribution Trait Guide

Here we’ll outline each trait and what it does.

  • Adaptive Resistance
    • Allows you to adapt to different damage types, a maximum of two at any one time.
  • Average
  • Finesse Master
  • Fighter
  • Frostward
    • Immune to ‘Chilled’ status effect
  • Gold Fever
  • Heavenly Restricted
    • -80% Mana
    • +5 STR
    • +5 DEX
    • +10 CON
    • +50 Melee Damage
  • High-Speed Regeneration
  • Loved By Mana
  • Mana Block
    • Can block against magic attacks
  • Mana Initiate
  • Mana Jump
  • Mana Reserves
  • Monstrous Reserves
  • Nature’s Channeler
  • Noble
  • Scholar
  • Superior Speed
  • Tough

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