Trying to put together your purrfect squad in Cat Fantasy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our Cat Fantasy tier list runs over which of the fabulous felines are the cat’s pajamas, and which you need to let out of the bag.

Cat Fantasy is an upcoming RPG where you balance the rigors of life as an investigator with running a cat cafe in a world of human-feline hybrids. There’s something strange going on in the city, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery, with the help of your team of friendly catgirls.

Keep your cafe up to scratch while trying to plumb the depths of the city’s underworld.

You can check out Cat Fantasy on Google Play.

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Cat Fantasy Tier List

Here are the rankings!


The best.

  • There are no S-tier heroes yet!


Very good. Stick with these and you’ll go far.

  • There are not A-tier heroes yet!


Solid. Some good bonuses, though nothing crazy.

  • There are no B-tier heroes yet!


Useful situationally. Not amazing, and the bonuses probably don’t make up for the lack of utility.

  • There are no C-tier heroes yet!



  • There are no D-tier heroes yet!

Heroes List

Here we’ll list the available heroes. If they’re not appeared on the tiers yet, it’s because we’ve not decided where they rank yet.

Cat Fantasy Tier List

Now that you’ve seen the tiers and cats, let’s tackle questions.

How do Our Tiers Work?

Our tiers run from best to worst and rank the general usefulness of the skills.

  • S Tier: Amazing. Borderline OP. These are the best and you’ll want to keep hold of them at all costs.
  • A Tier: Not quite OP, but still great bonuses. You might want to check out the S-tiers, but you should play through the game with no problem.
  • B Tier: Fine. Won’t hold you back, though doesn’t have the most impressive bonuses.
  • C Tier: The advantages are pretty weak or only useful in niche situations.
  • D Tier: Has nothing useful at all.

How Did We Decide on the Rankings?

At DG we use a mix of sources to try and give a good overall view of how each race is perceived. We draw from our own gameplay, but also from community rankings, discussion, and releases from the developers. Even then, tier lists are subjective. You’re welcome to fight us on it in the comments.

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