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Build Your Own Battle Deck in Digital Board Game, Gold Rush Battlers

Build Your Own Battle Deck in Digital Board Game, Gold Rush Battlers

Gold Rush Battlers is out now! Have you ever heard of Monster Strike? Well, if you have, this new installment in the franchise is a direct spin-off of the latter title.

For more information about the game, visit the official QooApp page!

What is Gold Rush Battlers?

Gold Rush Battlers is a card battle board game focusing on strategic decision-making and tactical gameplay. It’s a unique entry into the digital board game genre and features simple mechanics to avoid the usual complex rules of a board game.

An Abundance of Cards For Your Deck

Build your own deck of 30 cards before you head into an explosive match. Monster cards are used to deal damage and battle against your opponent’s monster card. Wild Cards can summon a variety of useful effects to buff or debuff those taking part in the card battle.

Furthermore, there are over 300 mounting cards to collect and utilise in your deck. How do you get more cards we hear you ask? Well, you can open card packs to obtain brand-new cards, which can be generated by playing through the game.

There are hours of fun ahead with a great selection of game modes such as Fighting Match, Easy Match, and Min Wai Mode! Play solo, team up with friends, or join forces with strangers from around the world as you take to the board.

Never Heard of Monster Strike?

Monster Strike is a popular puzzle RPG that has garnered quite a lot of attention over the years since its launch back in 2013. However, the Global version of this game eventually shut down, with only the Japanese version available at this current time.

Gold Rush Battlers isn’t the first spin-off game in the series, with Monster Dream Company being released a couple of years back – it’s an addictively fun little management game. Monster Strike seems to like making spin-offs of every genre at this point, and honestly, we’re big fans of it!

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