Fan of the frightening, but stuck at a loose end this Halloween night? There’s something worth trying if you want an unusual experience on All Hallow’s Eve. The Silent Hill: Ascension release kicks off tomorrow, the spookiest of days.

Silent Hill: Ascension is a game that takes a look at the eerie universe of the horror classic, but lets you interact with it in a very different way. Each day new content will stream live, and the audience’s choices, actions, and interactions will determine the fates of the characters involved.

Watch Or Play

All episodes will be available to watch after the fact, but it’s the answers made live that will shift the branches of the narrative and take characters down a certain path. Some of these paths, they will not survive.

The game won’t be just a test of your own judgment, but a test of everyone taking part. That might be a relief or a source of anxiety, depending on how much you trust the judgment of others.

Like many Silent Hill games, Ascension focuses on a family already in distress. More than one family, in fact.

Shattered Families

In Norway, the Johansen family has just lost one of their own. The elderly Ingrid Johansen is dead, and that’s far from the extent of darkness and tragedy haunting the locally infamous family.

In a poor town in the Rust Belt, the Hernandez family is about to be rocked to their core. Someone has been meddling in strange forces, and it’s about to become everyone’s problem.

The first episode premiers at 9PM ET/6PM PT on October 31st, with daily new content arriving up until the story reaches its conclusion.

Sound fun? You can pre-register for Silent: Hill Ascension now via Google Play.

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