Fancy putting yourself up to the challenge today? Well, Brave Brain: Trivia Quiz Game is now available to download on Android devices. Featuring charming and colourful art, Brave Brain is a great way to exercise your knowledge on a daily basis.

For more information about Brave Brain: Trivia Quiz, visit the official website. You can also download the game on Google Play!

What is Brave Brain: Trivia Quiz Game?

Brave Brain: Trivia Quiz Game focuses on geographical questions, which isn’t really clear from the game’s title. The map features a ton of locations that will be familiar to you, as well as those that you’ve probably never seen before. 

Not only do you get to take part in fun quizzes, but Brave Brain also contains loads of facts that help you to learn more about the world, cultures, and media. Select a location on the expansive map and answer the questions that are related to that place. Answer as many questions correctly as you can, allowing you to level up and compete on the leaderboards!

What Are the Quiz Topics?

In fact, there are 10,000+ questions in the game currently – that’s a lot of new knowledge. The quiz topics cover the following:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Geography
  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Science and inventions
  • Technology and engineering
  • Personality
  • Demography
  • Art history and art facts
  • Architecture and landmarks
  • Lifestyle and trends
  • Fashion and brands
  • Food and cooking

Is it Free-to-Play Friendly?

Brave Brain: Trivia Quiz Game is a free-to-play title, so naturally, there are some microtransactions implemented into the game. 

But fear not, these microtransactions allow you to purchase in-game currency, avatars, and other non-important items which don’t affect the overall gameplay. This means that you can enjoy the game while being a free-to-play player without worrying about missing out.
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