A new Brotato update just dropped for the Android port, and there’s a chunk of new content to wade through.

The update introduces two new characters to the roster. First is the King, who benefits from good luck. He even starts with a rather fancy weapon.

The King Is Born To Flex

Beware though, the King has expensive tastes. He’ll gain stats boosts for Tier IV weapons he’s holding, but he’ll balk at Tier I weapons, and suffer a stat loss at the shock of using poor-person gear.

Second is Renegade, a packrat that starts down -400% damage, but gains a 10% boosts for every Tier I item you’ve got. He can’t equip melee either.

This all comes along with a new weapon, four new items, and five new entities to look out for out there.

So, what is Brotato? The game is a take on the reverse-bullet hell genre. It’s a top-down combat game where you take on wave after wave of enemies in a wide arena, and upgrade yourself with a choice of new tools of destruction each round.

Potatoes In Space

You take on the role of a sentient potato man who crashes down onto a hostile planet and finds himself the only survivor of the space voyage. He needs to wait for rescue, but unfortunately, the place is not uninhabited. Horrible purple monsters swarm the area, eager for potato salad.

This spud isn’t going down without a fight though, and has the unique skill of wielding multiple weapons at once.

Brotato does distinguish itself from the armies of Vampire Survivors clones though. For a start, there’s manual aim if you want it. You can also upgrade your potato’s stats on the fly each round. So you can gradually work towards a foolproof build if luck is on your side of course.

Not tried Brotato before? Check out Brotato, and the Brotato update now via Google Play.

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