What Is The Heirloom?

The Heirloom is a visually stunning paranormal game, brimming with mystery and puzzles for you to navigate and solve. Inspired by the Hebrides archipelago and Scottish Folklore, you can drive your own story with decision-based progression, which has a drastic impact on your overall playthrough.

Though this game is packed with secrets, here’s what we have discovered: you follow the tragically orphaned siblings, 16 year old protagonist Marla and her younger brother Jack, as they uncover the untold secrets and lore offered by this story driven adventure. After falling into the care of their only living relative, a grumpy elderly man. 

Marla and Jack immediately get swept up by the unexplainable and frightening happenings around the island, which other locals feign ignorance to. You get the chance to learn the secrets of the orphan’s family, and the grandfather’s lighthouse which is shrouded in mystery. 

Thrilling tales aren’t the only element this game has to offer. The Heirloom, created by the independent studio Babubi Games, pulls you in with its pretty art style, which truly enhances the narrative this game has to offer. 

Be There Or Be Scared!

The Heirloom will be available to play during the very fitting spooky month of October, 2024. The game is coming to all major platforms including PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, iOS and Android. 

It supports nine languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Though you can request further support by backing The Heirloom Kickstarter Pre-launch Page from your respective region. 

Supporting the pre-launch also has its perks, such as the Early Supporter Reward which you can claim through Google Docs here. A total of 40 unique rewards are generously available across 12 tiers, including an exclusive hand painted figure of the game’s poster child Marla, featured in the stunning art style we see from the game.

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