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This Attack on Titan Revolution ODM Gear Guide tells you what this key equipment is and all the specifics of its upgrades.

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Attack On Titan Revolution ODM Gear Guide

ODM is a core element of AOT Revolution. This kit allows you to whiz around the Titans and go in for killing blows. Without ODM, you risk death by not being able to move freely and attack. So knowing each aspect of ODM and its upgrades is key to survivability! You track your ODM Upgrade Path through the Upgrade section within the Equipment Tab.

ODM Gear

  • ODM Speed
    • Allows the user to zip through the air and execute strikes and evasion
    • Flips and Mega Boost scales with ODM Speed
  • Blade Durability
    • Allows the blade to withstand longer before needing to be replaced
  • Crit Chance
    • Increases the chances to inflict a one-off massive damage hit to an opponent
  • Crit Damage
    • Increases the resulting damage from the devastating blow, especially if targeting a Titan’s weak points
  • ODM Control
    • More flexibility in moves, being able to change more suddenly and having better travel control
  • ODM Damage
    • Regular attacks deal more health loss and significant wounds to targets, taking down Titans easier
  • ODM Gas
    • Increases Gas canister holding to allow for longer aerial movement before a refill is needed
  • ODM Range
    • Increases the user’s reach to ensnare a Titan from a safer distance and reach distant positions

ODM Levelling Costs

To upgrade your ODM you will need to spend Gold. Currently, ODM gear enjoys 15 levels which totals at 50,629,60 Gold.

  • First Level – 500 Gold
  • Second Level – 1,250 Gold
  • Third Level – 2,000 Gold
  • Fourth Level – 3,000 Gold
  • Fifth Level – 5,000 Gold
  • Sixth Level – 7,500 Gold
  • Seventh Level – 11,000 Gold
  • Eighth Level – 17,500 Gold
  • Ninth Level – 25,000 Gold
  • Tenth Level – 37,500 Gold
  • Eleventh Level – 50,000 Gold
  • Twelfth Level – 70,000 Gold
  • Thirteenth Level – 100,000 Gold
  • Fourteenth Level – 135,000 Gold
  • Fifteenth Level – 169,420 Gold (Nice)

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