The image shows a blocky roblox body iof Eren with long hair and a dark cloak. Behind him is a surge of electricity that fires off in bright white and blue. There is a another character with blonde hair in the background with a chain wrapped around his arm which is snapped, the other part of the chain was attatched to Eren

Which family will reign supreme in our Attack on Titan Revolution family tier list? Our rankings determine the best families to find yourself situated in. So, get ready to be adopted! You’ll either love our rankings or think they’re a titanic failure.

Attack on Titan Revolution is of course based on the titan-sized anime, Attack on Titan. This Roblox experience takes you to the grim world where beastly horrors known as Titans hunt humankind. Forced behind walls, you get to train your skills before heading out into the vast sandbox universe where you can endlessly slash and survive.

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Attack on Titan Revolution Family Tier List

Don’t forget, our tier lists are subjective! We determine our placements through personal experience, player feedback, and external sources. You may not agree with us which is OK, but we did our best to create the ideal neutral tier list.


The OP families! Get adopted into this clan and you’re set! These families offer a range of benefits and versatile buffs.

  • Shiki – Cannot become a titan shifter. Gains +20% DMG, +15% Crit Chance, +15% Crit DMG. +10% ODM Gas, +10% ODM Range, +10% ODM Control. Gains Double Jump, +1 Boost Dash.
  • Yeager – Can become a titan shifter with a -10% shifting cooldown. Gains +20% Attack Titan stats +15% Crit Chance.
  • Ackerman – Cannot become a titan shifter. Gains +20% DMG, +15% Crit Chance, +15% Crit DMG. +10% ODM Gas, +10% ODM Range, +10% ODM Control. Gains Double Jump, +1 Boost Dash.


Still brutes. Don’t sleep on these families because they’re not S-Tier. Enter into one of these families and you could be set for the duration of your game.

  • Reiss – Can become a Titan shifter. Gain 10% Titan stats. +5% XP, +5% Gold, -10% Upgrade costs. Gains +5% XP and Gold for party members.
  • Galliard – Can become a Titan shifter wth +10% Titan attack speed. +10% Jaw Titan stats, +10% Crit DMG.
  • Leonhart – Can become a Titan shifter with +10% Titan run speed. +10% Female Titan stats, +10% DMG.
  • Tybur – Can become a Titan shifter, shift lasting 10% longer. +10% Warhammer Titan stats. +10% Gold gain.
  • Zoe – Cannot become a Titan. Gains +10% ODM Gear Control, +10% ODM Gear Speed. -5% Upgrade Costs.
  • Arlert – Can become a Titan shifter. +10% Colossal Titan stats. Colossal Titan AoE +20%. Gains +10% Crit Chance.


Averagely good, averagely bad. Families in this ranking have a few niche uses and can be better fitted to early game players.

  • Braun
  • Smith
  • Finger
  • Grice
  • Ksaver


Onto the weaker families, you don’t want to be stuck with these guys forever. Don’t settle for less!

  • Springer
  • Kirstein
  • Pikale
  • Hume
  • Iglehaut
  • Kruger
  • Azumabito
  • Inocenio


Unlucky! These families won’t take care of you all too well.

  • Munsell
  • Ral
  • Bozado
  • Blouse
  • Reeves
  • Boyega

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