Our Anime Defenders Bloomer guide will explain who this unit is, how you can get your hands on her, and what she brings to the team.

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Anime Defenders Bloomer

Bloomer is an Epic unit that you can obtain through summons. She is based on the fusion of Bulma and Pan (Bulpan) from the Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Fusions. Bloomer is considered a Meta Support unit, meaning she is great for helping out your other units during waves.

Supports typically do one of three things, Farm Yen, buff allies, or debuff enemies. Being only Legendary rarity, Bloomer is only capable of Farming extra Yen. Don’t let that disappoint you though, Farm units are crucial to a balanced team build!

Bloomer has a 3 placement, which means you can only place three of her units per game. She also sells for 1/4 of her total cost, which includes placement and upgrades.

Bloomer Upgrades

Unfortunately, you cannot evolve Bloomer. But take solace in knowing the other Legendary units cannot be evolved either. Only Secret or Mythic units can evolve into a second form. However, you can upgrade her by using Yen currency. These are all the upgrades available for her:

  • Placement Cost: Costs 550 Yen
    • Generates: 200 Yen per wave
  • First upgrade: Costs 1,000 Yen
    • Generates: 500 Yen per wave
  • Second upgrade: Costs 1,700 Yen
    • Generates: 1,000 Yen per wave
  • Third upgrade: Costs 2,500 Yen
    • Generates: 1,700 Yen per wave
  • Fourth Upgrade: Costs 3,000 Yen
    • Generates: 2,500 Yen per wave

What Does Bloomer Do?

Bloomer is great for farming in battle, and she’s very similar to the Anime Defenders Pink Rockstar. To use her, place Bloomer on the battlefield and let her generate more Yen per wave.

She is perfect for obtaining cash for you throughout each wave you use her. You will need cash in the game to upgrade your units. Having Bloomer on your team is a great way to earn cash quickly, letting you spend it on upgrading her, or any other units you have.

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