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This Anime Crossover Defense Traits Guide tells you what each Trait is, their use and importance, and how to get them!

Check out Anime Crossover Defense over on Roblox. If you’re a fan of TD games on Roblox, check out my Anime Last Stand Tier List and our Anime Fantasy Traits Guide.

Anime Crossover Defense Traits Guide

Traits are a unique buff which you roll for using 5 Crystal Helix per spin. Like a gamble, you can’t predetermine what Trait is given. And, if you perform a Trait reroll on the same unit, the previous Trait is wiped regardless of whether it hosts better or worse stats.

To apply a Trait, head to the Laboratory from the game’s hub. Here, you can interact with a Dr Stone NPC with a “Traits” title to obtain your unit’s Traits. I’d recommend only rolling Traits on your best units since it’s quite an expensive buff.

Now, the importance of Traits! Traits apply a new feature to your units to enhance existing Traits and make them stronger and more versatile during combat. Depending on the unit type will depend on which Trait they best benefit from. For example, a Farm unit would excel more with a Coin Generative Trait than one which heavily buffs Damage.

Impossible Traits – 0.2% Chance

  • Omnipotent
    • +140% Damage
    • +10% Speed
    • +10% Range
    • Unit placement reduced to 1
  • Doppelganger
    • +50% Damage
    • +25% Range
    • +10% Speed
    • 10% Placement Cost reduction
    • Unit placement increased by 1
  • CEO
    • +40% Range
    • +30% Coin Generation
    • 25% Placement Cost reduction
    • +20% Damage
    • +10% Speed

Mythical Traits – 1% Chance

  • Innovator
    • +25% Coin Generation
    • +25% Range
    • 10% Placement Cost reduction
    • +10% Speed
  • Nanomachines
    • +25% Damage
    • +15% Range
    • +15% Speed
  • Lightspeed

Legendary Traits – 5% Chance

  • Super Sonic
  • Hawkeye
  • Radiant

Epic Traits – 30% Chance

Rare Traits – 63.8% Chance

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