A new game with the Metal Slug name just dropped on Google Play, and this is no knock-off. Metal Slug: Awakening is a title licensed by SNK, and some readers may be relieved to find that it’s not an idle RPG or top-down shooter with the branding.

Metal Slug Awakening doesn’t deviate that far from the classic formula of the series. It’s a side-scrolling shooter where you make your way from left to right across various locations across the globe, bringing liberation through the means of a bunch of different firearms.

Some Familiar Faces But A Little Different

There are several different characters to choose from. Marco Rossi, Eri Kasamoto, Tarma Roving, and Fio Germi are at least some of your choices as you advance.

With multiple characters come multiplayer options. You’ll get the chance to team up with two buddies in a three-player co-op mode.

There are a bunch of weapons to choose from. We’d be lying if we said they were totally accurate to the theater of war. Guns that shoot fire, ice, or even boxing gloves are all out there to use, along with a few slightly less exotic guns.

Tanks For The Memories

Of course, it wouldn’t be Metal Slung without the vehicles, and Awakening has those too. There are sky-rides, tanks, and SV-camels that’ll see you flying, tunneling, rumbling along, and shooting at anything that looks at you funny.

Metal Slug is a series with a long history. The first title released back in 1996 on the NEOGEO and has since reached numerous systems, including our beloved Android.

The last game in the mainline series came out in 2008, though it hasn’t meant the series fell out of favor. The action, retro charm, and the series’ anarchic sense of humor make it pretty hard to forget.

Interested in checking out Metal Slug: Awakening for yourself? You can get it now via Google Play.

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