The year 2022 brings new ideas and investments into the mobile app industry. And the mobile apps alone are projected to create a net revenue of USD 693 B via App Stores and In-App Advertising. Moreover, enterprise mobility is forecasted to be worth USD 510.39 B this year.

While tech giants and many startups are taking advantage of this trend, many struggles to create an app successfully. Success in today’s competitive landscape can only be realized with a precisely cultivated mobile app development process. Our guide will help you build a solid mobile app to fulfill your business needs and impress your users.

And following the QL ’s development process mentioned in this guide will ensure that your mobile app development initiative is successful.

But before learning what development process QL follows, let’s learn what stages are in the mobile app development process that every mobile app development company generally goes along with.

General Stages of Mobile App Development Process

Stages of Mobile App Development Process

Selecting A Mobile App Development Company:

The first stage is to choose a desired partner/mobile app development company that can design and develop your app.

Initial Stage

The second stage is to sign an independent contractor agreement (a.k.a. NDA, i.e., Non-Disclosure Agreement) with that company.

Product Discovery or Your app’s Vision

The next stage involves – defining what you and your audience want from a mobile app, i.e., sharing the inspiration behind creating an app or why you want to put it before people, what value it forms, who will benefit, and what is your targeted audience.


When the above stages are ready, then comes this stage where a structure or shape is given to your beautiful idea using Wireframes to articulate your theoretical concept into a full-fledged working product.

UX/UI Design

In this stage, UI/UX designers give wireframes a look that will help users how your app would work once developed.

Project kick-off & setup

This is the last stage in preparations to begin the app development process.

App Development Process

In this stage, clients get to know the development team and vice versa. And the company also defines roles, rules, tools, and next steps, which involve planning and coding for your app.

Quality Assurance

This stage ensures the quality of every step of app development while incorporating manual and automated testing for your app’s initial build and repeating the tests until the creation of the desired product.

Publish the App on an App Store

To get smooth approval from Google Play Store and Apple App Store , the chosen mobile app development company will upload all the assets required by laws & promotional materials.

Beta Testing or User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

This is the stage where a Beta version is released for a few end-users to get feedback on the quality of your product to improve the app’s functioning accordingly before launching your app for all users.

Final Release of Your App

This is the final stage, where your app is made available for every user to download, install, and begin using the app.

Post-Development phase & Further Development

This step comes at the last: detecting crashes, monitoring your mobile app’s statistics, product enhancement, maintenance, and other activities using users’ feedback.

That’s it. That’s where a general app development process ends, and it is a long process that most mobile app development companies follow.

Now, let’s get familiarized with Quokka Labs’ disruptive mobile app development process.

Developing An App – The QL Way!

So, after brainstorming with your business partners and robust market research, you now have a brilliant idea to manage your business operations – a mobile app. Because that’s a must in today’s market, and you know your concept can amaze many people and disrupt the market.

But what’s next?

Having such an idea will not make any difference until you execute it. And that’s where you need our help.

The team at Quokka Labs is equipped with the latest tools and technologies and over a decade of experience in mobile app development. And we make sure that every client gets the desired product. We not only develop your app and stop there; instead, we take your project like ours and put all our efforts into delivering you the product the way you want it to be!

Mobile App Development Process

Therefore, we are sharing with you QL’s six proper stages in the mobile app
development process:

  • The First Contact : In this first stage, after receiving the client’s inputs, we make the first contact to hear out your inspiring idea and will require a product requirement document – to get the team ready for your visionary idea.
  • The Discovery Phase : Once the first contact is over, we enter the discovery phase that takes roughly 2 to 4 weeks and involves; research and analysis, getting to know your needs, an introduction, and familiarization with our team of developers and designers (and vice versa), and begin the wireframing for your app. Additionally, instead of making a bridge between the client and a project manager, we set up a Channel (usually on MS Team) for one on one interaction between the client and our team of developers and UI/UX designers so that you get to let them know how your product should be!
  • UI/UX Design: Once the above two stages are established, our young and dynamic UI/UX designers team begins designing trending user personas for your app. After that, mockups and prototypes of the designs are submitted to you for approval.
  • Software Development: When the team of developers understands your vision and idea, we break down the mobile app project into chunks (small incremental builds) using Sprint Methodology. And then follow an agile SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) model tuned to your needs, significantly reducing delivery time. Besides that, our development and project management team conducts one-to-one meetings with you once-twice per two weeks to avoid missing out on things from your end. And this whole process is managed using Jira (a robust project management tool).
  • Q/A and User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Every product needs thorough quality assurance (QA) testing before going live on an App Store. And that’s why we perform comprehensive QA testing on your app involving our specially dedicated QA team during the mobile app development. Because it makes the app stable, usable, and secure. Once QA testing is over, we hasten to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) or Beta Testing, making your mobile app (a Beta Version or an MVP – Minimum Viable Product at this stage) available for a few users to get their feedback and resolve issues immediately.
  • Product Release: Now that the app is ready with its structure, designs, and QA and Beta tests. It’s then the time to launch it on an App Store (the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). For this, we carefully follow the standard procedure as mentioned below:

  • For Apple App Store:

    • Creating an iOS profile & distributing certificate on Apple’s App Store Connect Page.
    • Archiving & uploading your mobile app using Xcode IDE.
    • Configuring your mobile app’s metadata and other details.
    • Submitting your mobile app for its review.
    • Finally, we check and let you know the app’s status.

  • Similarly, for the Google Play Store

    • We first make your mobile app information ready.
    • Then upload your app’s mobile app bundle files (APK).
    • Once the APK is uploaded, we set up your mobile app’s content rating.
    • When the above three steps are over, we set up the app’s pricing and distribution plan.
    • Finally, we publish your mobile app at Google Play Store for your audience.

  • Post Development Support:
    Once your mobile app is life on an App Store, we help your app with marketing and its maintenance. Instead of making it someone else’s job, we take full responsibility so that your app successfully reaches its audience and simplifies their lives. Besides that, we also help you with maintenance and other activities whenever a need knocks in.

Thus, if you keep the above stages in mind, quickly creating a one-of-a-kind mobile app at an optimal cost is possible.

Now, wondering how you can do that.

Simple, create an MVP! It’s a minimum viable product with essential features to test your idea and inspiration in the market.

How to get your MVP built in 45 days?

Building a successful MVP relies, in part, on strategy & analysis. And getting the
timing right on your MVP is crucial.

But how do you know when it’s ready?

Easy – it depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. However, the
the business vision behind the solution you’re about to create is more important.

MVP of Mobile App Development

Thus, by keeping your user at the forefront of your mind and delivering value at every possible moment using our six crucial step strategy for MVP development mentioned below,

Way to Launch a Successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within 45 days

Understanding the Market

We know what the market wants. Because we perform thorough research and competitor analysis before investing in your idea for app development. And we focus on specific features that will attract potential users for your app’s success, i.e., we give them reasons to try out your app, which gives your mobile app its initial traction.

Stressing on User Flow and Design Process

Today, the user flow defines the success of your mobile app. And that’s why QL follows a mobile-first approach to developing the basic version of your app (an MVP – app), starting with the smallest screen to deliver the right experience to the suitable device. The key is to enhance the user experience (UX) – people love it!

Defining Features

Choosing the best features based on user flow does magic. We identify what essential ones are and those that aren’t of any use because we draw a fine line between – what the users want and what they need! When it’s all done, we prioritize essential features based on their usability and desirability so that they can complement the end goal of your app – satisfying
the users and making them long for more.

Begin the Development Process

Once the features are defined, we develop an MVP for your mobile app using the latest tools and technologies, such as Flutter, ReactJS, Kotlin, Java, etc., ensuring they complement your app’s end goals.

E.g., if you are planning an app for billions of daily users, ensure you have an infrastructure that can be upgraded to manage such traffic.

And remember, the time and cost must be minimal since that defines an MVP.

Getting the Feedback and Tweaking the Product

We test it to ensure its quality during and after developing an MVP. Because that’s what gains and retains users, and once the app is launched, our team of developers and QA testers monitor its performance and the issues it faces. We also put your MVP through user acceptance tests (or Beta tests) to gather the end-users feedback to find what your MVP app is missing. It
increases the desirability of your app and reduces the risk of being failed.

Now you are ready to start your first MVP development journey.

Following the abovementioned criteria, you can create a one-of-a-kind MVP for your startup at reduced costs within 45 days.

And, when we say you can do it, our team can create an MVP within 45 days. It’s not just for the sake of saying; instead, we have proved it. We have always demonstrated our team’s capabilities, from creating MVPs for real estate, education, and e-commerce to energy management, retail, healthcare, lifestyle, and media and entertainment.

If you have a brilliant idea to bring to life – drop us a few lines, and let’s chat.


The mobile app development process is overwhelming and tedious but rewarding. This guide describes a chronological step-by-step mobile app development process for startup clients and enterprises. We hope this helps you understand what’s involved.

Quokka Labs (QL) is a leading mobile app development company with over a decade of experience. It has provided mobile app development services to finance, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, consumer products, logistics, industrial engineering, and entertainment. If you want to discuss your mobile app development , contact us to develop an MVP for your business needs immediately and get a free quote. And remember, we always design top-notch products and ensure their successful launch.

Good luck, and keep building!

What our clients say!

I am so thankful that I found Sanchit, Sunny, and everyone at Quokka Labs.They are true thought partners, exceptionally skilled, and just all-aroundgreat to work with. I met with four firms before connecting with QuokkaLabs, and I’m so glad I didn’t end up working with the others. They’ve at
this point done hardware compatible: two iOS apps, an Android app, web app for internal administration and designed for dark mode. On my next project, they will be my first stop.

Rachel D’Agostino ( CEO, SmogWise )


I can very honestly recommend the company without any buts. There are a few important, and I would say, unique features of the team – they know how to listen, understand what they hear, are capable of planning the work, and do the work on time with flying colors. And moreover, they are gentle, nice people; it is just nice to be with them. I worked with the company for around 3 years, and we developed useful products for the Government of India, managing major programs for implementing renewable energy projects. I was a Team Leader of the project EU India Technical Cooperation Project: Energy.

Marek Zaborowski ( EU-India Tech Cooperation Leader)


Their willingness to be flexible and adaptable to a moving target was outstanding.

John Eades ( CEO, LearnLoft)



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