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Want to really rock the house? Rather than shattering glass with your singing voice, you’ll be shattering your opponents’ dreams as a Sing user. Want to know more about this musical monstrosity? Our A One Piece Game Sing Fruit guide has the info you need.

A One Piece Game is a Roblox game based on the iconic series One Piece. Instead of the Straw Hats, you’ll take center stage in your own pirate epic and sail across the seas in search of treasure, trouble, and everything in between. There are even the iconic supernatural fruit to watch out for. Consume them to gain inhuman abilities.

Check out the Roblox page to see for yourself. Want more from A One Piece Game? Take a look at our A One Piece Game Fruit tier list.

A One Piece Game Sing Fruit Guide

Here we’ll cover the details.

About Sing Fruit

Sing Fruit is a Devil Fruit that can be eaten by players to acquire a special moveset.

You can acquire it in the same way as most of the game’s fruit, in one of the following ways.

  • A Fruit Merchant (Found at Logue Town Island)
  • From a random chest. (A very small chance.)
  • Found under trees in the open world. Fruit will drop every thirty minutes, and any left on the ground at that time will reset.

Once you get one, you just need to hold the item in your hand then push your default action button to eat it.

Default Moveset

Here is the moveset you start off with, once you’ve leveled up your Mastery to unlock all moves of course.

  • Uta’s World
    • Very large AoE room cast.
  • Fleeting Lullaby
    • Large AoE attack in front of the user.
  • Notes Of The Damned
    • Large AoE attack in front of the user.
  • Requiem
    • Damaging columns spring up around the user.
  • Musical Warrior
    • Large AoE attack. Restores HP to fruit user.

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