2K Games, best known for games like BioShock and NBA 2K, just threw us a curveball. They dropped a new Civilization title. Nope, it’s not Civilization 7, it’s Civilization: Eras & Allies! So, did a title just pop out of nowhere?

Well, it’s been in soft launch for multiple months in some regions. So, technically, it’s not a new title either. Alright, here’s the actual deal! 2K rebranded their existing game Conquests & Alliances – 4X Empire Builder into Civilization: Eras & Allies. Ironically, it’s still listed under its previous title on Google Play.

What ‘Was’ Conquests & Alliances/What Is Eras & Allies?

Eras & Allies is a real-time strategy game inspired by world history and epic battles. If you’ve mastered games like the Age of Empires and Crusader Kings, then you’ll like Civilization: Eras & Allies. It might not give you the full-blown Civilization experience, but it’s worth trying out.

You’ll be leading epic conquests, stepping into the boots of over 120 global emperors and leaders like Julius Caesar, Kusunoki Masashige and Joan of Arc. You might encounter Sun Tzu fighting Cleopatra and El Cid’s forces marching into a battle against ancient China.

As a great leader, you will be building strong armies and constructing trade routes and cities. So, conquer and live in the era of ancient wonders like the Petra and the Great Pyramid. Check out the game on Play Store to know more!

What About Civilization 7?

2K Games has clarified that the sudden release of Civilization: Eras & Allies won’t impede the development of Civilization 7. That’s mostly because the revamped title is being developed by an external team, ensuring Firaxis Games has their full focus on the next Civilization instalment. While we don’t have any solid date for the release, it’s expected sometime in 2024.

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