Who we are

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Join App Studio is a joint venture corporation IT company; this company is founded by Mohammad Arif Jameel in 2016 and they have multiple development studios in Pakistan. We work on entertainment, 3D mobile games and application. We are always looking for developing most innovative and progressive entertainment 3D action, simulation and racing games for consumers around the world.

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Privacy Policy:

Join App Studio IT Corporation. (Industry”, “we”, “us”, “or”, “our”) declare this privacy policy. We know that your data privacy is very important for us and we respect our online contact users. We are responsible against your privacy policy and personal information. It will show you how we collect your information obtained when you are using our services like use application and play our online games.
1. Read phone state:
Join App Studio services allow this permission to just identify the current status of you smartphone or tablet. Is your device power is on or off and your smartphone issue on silent mode or louder.
2. Current location:
In our tourists and mapping applications Current location permission is necessary if you are using our GPS, Route finder or Earth map applications. It will just access your current location to create routes, find nearby places but it’s not mean we are sharing your location to others on any platform.
3. Access media:
The purpose of allow this permission is not to collect or asses your private media data like photos or videos. It’s just for improvement of games graphic and save these graphics to your device and access easily when you play again. Or read the content of your external storage (USB or SD card).
4. Access Contacts:
We are also working on many android and ios apps some of them are must allow you to access your contacts state. It doesn’t means we are using or sharing your private contacts. This permission is necessary for use of this app to keep record in your device.
5. Wake Lock:
We add this permission in our map application for wake your mobile screen. With this permission you can easily make routes and follow on your mobile screen without touch on screen for wake screen. Your mobile battery will be consumed but you will feel yourself very easy with this permission.